Thursday 9th March has seen it snowing overnight, fortunately not enough to cause major disruption here but enough that would bring Britain to a halt. The two pictures below show the view from our hotel room window this morning and when we arrived..


Interesting seeing how they handle snow in Oslo. They have small adjustable snow ploughs for clearing pavements , and interestingly they put down small stone chippings rather than salt.
The day started with a walk to the south side of the station to see some modern office buildings called “The Barcode” (No photo as forgot to use the phone camera). Then it was a bus trip to the west side of Oslo to visit the “Viking Ship Museum” which house three original Viking boats one of which is shown here.

Then it was a walk down to the edge of fjord for some photos across Oslo and surrounding islands.

Back on the bus to the centre of Oslo for a walk to the Royal Palace. They have guards patrolling like Buckingham Palace but unlike their you can walk right past these and the front of the Palace

After walking through the Palace grounds it was a tram trip and walk to Frogner Park aka “Vigeland Park” which features 212 bronze and granite sculptures of naked people all designed by Gustav Vigeland.


Then it was a tram back to the City Centre. An interesting observation of using public transport was that once your ticket was validated, no one ever showed their tickets to get on.¬†They obviously must do random checks as a pay now fine of ¬£115 if you haven’t got a valid ticket applies.

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