10/03/2017 – Day 3 – A Norway Saga

Friday 10th March saw us leave Oslo by train heading North. We took the 0802 service to Trondheim which was formed of this modern NSB 5-car electric multiple unit. Once away from the Oslo area the scenery changes to one of snow covered fields, forests and frozen lakes as demonstrated...Read more

09/03/2017 – Day 2 – A Norway Saga

Thursday 9th March has seen it snowing overnight, fortunately not enough to cause major disruption here but enough that would bring Britain to a halt. The two pictures below show the view from our hotel room window this morning and when we arrived..   Interesting seeing how they handle snow...Read more

08/03/2017 – Day 1 – A Norway Saga

Wednesday 7th March,2017 was the first day of our first trip to Norway. The day started with an early morning alarm call for the drive to Gatwick Airport followed by a two hour flight to Oslo with Norwegian.com First impressions of Oslo is F..F…Freezing. Although the sun was shining the...Read more