Well 10 actually

One of the frequent comments that arises in critique sessions at our Camera Club is the image could be enhanced if it was cropped this way or that way. Some times once it is mentioned it is like you have seen the light and think why on earth didn’t I think of producing the image that way. Well one image I took on my travels last year was this image of my train to Reading arriving at Cardiff Central. Here is the original image as  out of the camera.

The image is taken on a Canon 7D MkII with a EF24-105mm f/4L IS USM lens with the following exposure details 1/400 sec @ f14;  ISO400; f=24mmCrop Ratio = 3:2

When performing my initial review of images out of the camera I will occasionally try a quick crop of an image to see what works and if an image is usable for a club competition. This particular image caught my eye as it seemed to work with some different crops, in addition it had three strong elements to it, the Blue sky, Paving slabs and of course the train itself.  So as an exercise I thought I would see how many different ways the image could be cropped, so the following are the results of what I achieved in trying different crops.




CROP  1  – Crop ratio = 3:2





CROP 2  – Crop ratio = 1:1




CROP 3  – Crop ratio = 3:1



CROP 4  – Crop ratio = 2:1




CROP 5  – Crop ratio = 1:1




CROP 6  – Crop ratio = 4:1



CROP 7  – Crop ratio = 2:3




CROP 8  – Crop ratio = 3:2



CROP 9  – Crop ratio = 3:2




CROP 10  – Crop ratio = 3:1


Well 10 different crops  taken from one image. Which was your favourite version?

I hope this simple little exercise will make you take a second look your images and make you look for the image that is hidden within your image.


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