These pages feature a collection of photographic Projects that I have undertaken. Some have been self motivated while others have been Camera Club or Photo Group inspired.

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March Mobile Challenge


Having acquired a new Mobile Phone (Samsung S8) it was time to put the camera to the test. So for the month of March 2018 the challenge was to take one photo a day using the mobile phone. Any subject and image editing must be done on the phone, for this exercise ĎSnapseedí was the App that was used. So 31 days, 31 photos.










While on Twitter I discovered that Wex Photographic held a photographic completion every Monday called Wex Mondays, so for a a bit of fun I have tried to submit an entry each week.

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Mobile Phone


Following the acquisition of a new mobile phone at the start of the year I decide to havea go at taking two images a week using the mobile phone. All the images seen as part of this project are taken on my phone and are edited using the Adobe Lightroom for Android on the phone








52 Week


For 2015 I decided to have a crack at the Talk Photography Forumís 2015 Photo 52 challenge. i.e One photo a week on a set them. My images can be viewed on Flickr by clicking the link below or my page on the forum can be viewed here








100 Strangers


2014 the camera Club (Western Valley Camera Club) that I am a member of set members the challenge of capturing the images of 100 people that they didnít know. My images can be found on the club website by clicking the link below








Holiday Challenge

Jul 2013

The intention of this challenge was to take a numeric themed photo on each day of our annual holiday to France. On the first day of the holiday the task was to photograph one object or the number one. Day two was the number 2 or two objects and so on, the aim was to complete the challenge on the 14th day with the number 14















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