Today we went on a trip to Assisi which is outside the Tuscany region and located in Umbria.
The route took us along the south shore of lake “Lago Trasimeno”. (sorry forgot to take photos on phone) through Perugia to Assisi which is about 50 miles from the campsite.
Assisi is the home of the Franciscan monks and the burial place of St Francis.. The following photos were all taken around the streets of Assisi.

Above 4 Photos: Helen Meaker

The actual Cathedral building has a number of chapels on different layers with the tomb of St Francis located below. All can be visited but unfortunately no photography allowed. You are supposed to be silent inside, but the funniest thing was when inside the following announcement over the PA “Silencio! Sssssshhhhh”. The folliwing images are from outside the cathedral

Above 5 Photos: Helen Meaker

This is the view from outside the town showing the cathedral and Franciscan monastery on the end of the town.

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