Tuesday 14th March had a full day in Bergen. Weather was forecast for showers so we had to make the best of the time available. The morning was spent on Fjord cruise on board a high speed catamaran.

The cruise went to a place called Mostraumen where a fresh water lake had broken through to link up with the Fjord. The channel between the two is seen to the leftt of the photo below.

The boat then proceeded through the channel which is about 3 metres deep to the end where the small village of Mo is located. Here there are a number of large waterfalls one of which shown below the boat is able to approach right up to.

When they approach the crew collect a bucket of water from the fall which is then offered to passengers to have a drink of.

The final view from the Fjord shows the view as the boat is about to pass back through the channel at Mostraumen

Upon return to Bergen is was of for a more detailed explore of the Bryggen area. This area is a United Nations heritage site  The original waterfront was just in front of the buildings, but has now moved approx.  50m away. There are alleyways running from front to back as well, whete further buildings can be found.

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